Jan 15, 2013


snowman tokyo

We got snow on Monday in Tokyo, lots of it. Lots for here, anyway. It came down all day in fat, wet flakes pushed around by gusty winds. It was a national holiday: Coming of Age Day. This meant a big decrease in potentially stranded commuters and an infinite increase in beautiful pictures of young people in the snow in kimonos.
And snowmen! I didn't venture outside until dark, and the sidewalk was lined with a full day's worth of abandoned knee-high snowmen. They reminded me of a question I have every year: Is Japan the only country where the default snowman is made of two spheres? I asked on Twitter, and quickly found out that two is common in Ireland and England. Lest you think this is by decree of her Majesty, three is the norm in Australia and Canada. Or so says Twitter. What say you?

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