Mar 5, 2013

Why are you coughing all over the place!?

No, seriously, why!?
Oh man is this one timely. Pollen levels are high and colds are still going around and people are sneezing and coughing and spluttering all over the place. The woman next to me on the train tonight coughed right on my hand (I was holding my phone at face level) just as I was getting out. She'd been coughing discreetly along the way, but this time I felt the full blast on my skin. I turned and gave her a germy look. Then I immediately felt bad about it. Then I remembered that she had just coughed on me. No mercy! If Wronged Bear isn't putting up with it, neither am I. (Hm, am I learning the right lesson from these posters?)


Angela said...

Yes, definitely. A guy coughed on my face the other day. He is lucky a dirty look is all he got.

I think this is my favorite poster yet.

Sandra Barron said...

It kinda makes me shudder every time I go past it, so I think it's effective. And that is terrible! We should start carrying umbrellas on the train. Kazekasa!

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